Oliver's Bakery


The Markets

The markets link is under work, dates and address coming soon.


Our Products


Oliver's Bakery is offering a large variety of breads and pastries, from the famous 100% sourdough to the lightly yeasted bread.

Some products such has Spelt will include not only a 100% spelt bread, but also 100% spelt croissant, cookies and tea cakes.

Most of our products will be made using Shipton Mill organic Flour, Ted Dawson veg, and some of the best UK sourced ingredients.

Oliver's Bakery is aiming to bring the best and honest service with the guaranty that all products are free from un-essential ingredients, as Olivier Favrel strongly express "i have produce some of the top quality products for the last 24 years, i will not compromise it now. I consider my duty to demonstrate and educate people that simplicity and honesty in the food will always be best".